Only ANIFTY certified creators can participate! Who will win the award?

Application Close: Feburuary 24th (Fri.) 24:00(JST)
Winners and Sales Open: March 3rd 21:00 (JST)


The top 3 winners will receive cash prizes and more! 🎁

Open only to ANIFTY certified creators


Artwork should feature characters from one or more of the four clans in Aswang Tribe

Only one piece of artwork may be listed per creator.

Creators can choose to list their artwork at a fixed price or an auction price.

Winners will get:
Prizes will be paid thru ETH Participation

Bonus: All participants will receive a special NFT token from Aswang, the founder of Aswang Tribe.

We look forward to seeing your amazing Aswang Tribe fan art zh-Hant/creations!

Here Are The Best Aswang Tribe Fan Art zh-Hant/creations


Congratulations to all the winners! 🎉

List of our awesome participants 💪