11 28, 2022ANIFTY’s new symbol mark and Logo


The New ANIFTY Symbol Mark is now unveiled!

In our second year of marketplace operation, we have decided to renew our symbol mark and logo.

The ANIFTY symbol mark has been designed from the letter "A" of the alphabet and the Japanese katakana "ア".
The design, represented by a single three-dimensional band, expresses the connection between creators and fans and also the continuity of the blockchain.

The symbol mark and logo inherit the warm orange of ANIFTY's previous symbol colors, to which we have added red representing passion and energy.
The orange and red of ANIFTY represent our desire to be a warm and empowering place for all users who visit us.

Both "A" in English and "ア" in Japanese are the first letter of each language.
ANIFTY will continue to be the first place to start new connections between creators and fans.

Please continue to support ANIFTY with our new logo!

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