12 20, 2022Policy on NFTs produced using AI Technology


ANIFTY does not prohibit the exhibition of NFTs produced using AI technology.

ANIFTY believes that AI technology can greatly expand creators' creative possibilities, depending on how it is used.
We understand that there is a lot of discussion at this point, but we would like to support creators to grow along with AI technology.

However, the Rules of ANIFTY's Guidelines for Exhibited Works also apply to NFTs created using AI technology.
At this time, there are no established standards for legality of NFTs created using AI technology, and it may be difficult to judge the legality of some NFTs. However, please note that NFTs that are suspected of infringing the rights of others or potentially causing damage to others are prohibited from being exhibited.

With changes in social conditions and technological advances, we believe that the public's perception of NFTs produced using AI technology will change on a daily basis.
We may ask for your opinions on the approach that ANIFTY should take, and we would appreciate your cooperation in this regard.
We would like to think about the future path of creators and technology together with you.

*A Request to all Certified Creators
In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings about your artwork, we recommend that you add the tag "AI generated" to your artwork when you submit an artwork created using AI technology.

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