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What is NFT?

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is "the one and only digital data that cannot be replaced" and is like a digital certificate of authenticity.
NFTs use blockchain technology that can prevent fraud and tampering, and can prove "if it is genuine" and "who it belongs to".

What is a wallet?

A wallet is something similar to an actual wallet that keeps track of the crypto currency needed to purchase NFTs. ANIFTY only supports MetaMask.

What is a wallet address?

The wallet address is like an "address" for the blockchain and is generated automatically.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a decentralized application platform with smart contract functionality (technology that can be set up to automate transactions, transfers, etc.).
The currency used on Ethereum is called ETH (Ether).

What is a gas fee?

A gas fee is a fee incurred during transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, such as purchasing an NFT, rewriting data, deleting data, and at various other times.

Why does a gas fee change?

A gas fee always fluctuates depending on the time of day and network congestion.
*You can check price fluctuations on Ethereum Gas Charts here.

What are tags?

Tags are genres or characteristics and can be associated with the artwork.
Also, they are used to search for artworks in the marketplace.
ANIFTY allows creators to set up to five tags for a single artwork.

I have lost my wallet information and 12 words (seed phrases). What should I do?

If the wallet information is lost and the seed phrase is also lost, the wallet address cannot be restored.

Is a gas fee charged for MetaMask signature?

There is no gas charge for signatures, but operations such as deleting works on display may incur a gas charge.
Please check the explanation displayed in MetaMask before operating.


If I become an certified artist, do I have to pay a registration fee?

There is no registration fee. There are no running costs.

Does ANIFTY take a commission when an NFT is sold?

ANIFTY's commission rate is 10%.
A 10% management fee is charged at the time of sale, and 90% of the sale price is paid to the creator.

Can I do secondary distribution on ANIFTY?

Currently, secondary sales are not available within ANIFTY, but we are considering implementing the feature.

What is the blockchain standard used by ANIFTY?

ANIFTY uses the ERC-1155 standard.
A token is issued on the Ethereum blockchain in ERC-1155 standard at the time the NFT purchase is approved.

Is IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) supported?

ANIFTY applies "IPFS" to all NFTs; with IPFS, NFTs can be kept permanently secure as long as they are in a public storage location (distributed storage). More information can be found here.

Can creators list artworks with their owned contracts?

ANFITY does not currently support artist's own contract. All creators' artworks will be included in the common collection (ANIFTY Collection).

Which browsers do you recommend for ANIFTY?

Google Chrome (the latest version) is recommended.

Will there be any events or specials?

We are planning seasonal events and specials, which we will announce on Twitter and Discord, so please watch out!

Are there opportunities to interact with other creators and collectors?

Please feel free to interact with our users on Discord.
Some of our creators and collectors also have Twitter account on their creators' and artists' pages.

Why does the MetaMask confirmation screen sometimes appear?

To ensure a secure connection to the Wallet, My Page, Notifications, My Auctions, and other pages require a signature confirming the connection.
This is because the connection is set to be disconnected in 1 hour for security reasons.

Sell NFTs

Can anyone sell their own work?

Only certified creators who have passed the screening process are able to list their work at ANIFTY.
Click here to apply.

What virtual currency (cryptocurrency) do you use for transactions?

You can use ETH (Ethereum) only for list price sales and WETH (Wrapped ETH) for auction sales.

What options are available for selling NFTs?

You can list NFTs as a list price sale or an auction sale. An auction sale finishes in 24 hours from the first bid.

How do I list my items for list price sales?

Please refer to the Creator Manual.

How do I list my items for auction sales?

Prease refer to the Auction Manual.

Is there a gas fee for listing artwork?

No. On ANIFTY marketplace, creators need to pay no gas fee on list price sales.
For the auction sales, creators need to pay a gas fee for claiming an auction sale.
For more detail, please see the auction manual.

What is the minimum listing price?

The minimum price is 0.02 ETH.

What are the supported data formats and data sizes of artworks?

You can upload a JPEG, PNG, or GIF file up to the file size of 30MB.

I would like to specify to the purchaser the scope of use of the NFT, where should I mention it?

Please specify the scope of use on the Description box on the "Create new item" screen, or the "Edit metadata" screen.

Will I be notified when my work is sold?

Yes, you can be notified of the "Nofitications" (the bell icon on the header menu). You need to connect MetaMask to see the notifications.

Will I be notified when bids are received for auction pieces?

Yes. You can check the status of your bids and auctions on "My Auctions" from the menu.
However, you will need to connect "My Auctions" to MetaMask again to check the status, in addition to the connection to My Page.

Is there anything that the creators need to do after the auction ends?

Yes. The creator need to click on the "Confirm" button to settle the artwork to the highest bidder in the auction. Auction sales are not automatic sales.
*There is a gas fee charged to the creator for confirming the winning bidder.

Can I change the information, price, or quantity of a work after it has been listed? Is there a gas fee to make the change?

Please see the table below.

Gas fee
Ver.2 (From October 29, 2021)/ Ver.3(From June 2,2022)  *2
Sales Status Regular Listing: If not yet purchased Regular Listing:If more than 1 piece is purchased Auction items: Before bidding Auctioned items: After bidding
Metadata*1 △  (Only tags and thumbnails can be changed) △(Only tags and  thumbnails can be changed) unnecesseary
Price △(Can be set higher than the initial price) × necessary
number of publications △(Can be less than the initial number of issues) × necessary
Cancel of Listing × necessary

*1 Metadata: thumbnail, title, description, tags
*2 Changes or withdrawals of listing information in Ver.1 (initial contract) cannot be made by the creator himself/herself. If you wish to make changes, a flat fee of 0.01ETH will be charged for each artwork. Please contact in each case.

Is there any place where I can promote my artwork?

You can promote your artworks on the "promotion" channel on Discord.

Can I get any promotion from ANFITY?

When new artworks are listed, we will announce them on our official Twitter account.
They may also be listed in the Pick Up Artists section of the ANIFTY website.

Purchase NFTs

What do I need to prepare to purchase NFT?

You need Metamask (a crypto wallet) and cryptocurrency ETH. For more details, please see "Buy NFTs at ANIFTY".

Where can I find the NFTs I purchased?

You can find NFTs you purchased on the "Collected" tab on My Page. You can also see them on your profile page on OpenSea.

Can I cancel payment for a NFT that I purchased or won?

You cannot cancel a bid placed on an aunction. However, you cannot win the bid if you do not have enough WETH in your wallet when the creator claims the auction.

How do I bid in the auction?

Please see the auction manual.

What is the scope of use of the purchased NFTs?

Purchased NFT can only be used for announcing the fact of acquisition, exhibiting online in a virtual gallery and for secondary distribution. Any reproduction or secondary use requires permission from the copyright holder.

I’m the highest bidder on an auction, but I cannnot find the NFT on My Page.

For auction sales, the creator needs pay the gas fee to "confirm" the auction to complete the sales.
If the confirmation is not operated after a few days, please let us know.

I thought I won an auction, but it was bought by someone else. Why is this?

If you do not have enough WETH in your wallet when the seller is confirmed the auction sale, your bid will be invalid and the next highest bidder will be the successful bidder.
Please make sure to have enough WETH in your wallet to cover your bid.

I want an NFT that is sold out, is it possible?

Currently, ANIFTY has not implemented a secondary sales feature or request feature.
Please look for works for secondary sales on OpenSea or contact the collector via Discord or Twitter.

I want a particular creator’s work, can I request one?

Currently, ANIFTY has not implemented a request feature.
Please contact the creator via Discord or Twitter and make a request.

I purchased a piece by mistake. Can I get a refund?

We do not offer any refunds.

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